Why change

Reduce your costs without the work

Looking for the best energy deals is quick, easy and most importantly, it could save you money!

By using an online comparison service such as this, you can compare loads of energy suppliers in one place which saves you both time and hopefully money.

  • --- its quick and easy
  • --- better customer service
  • --- could save you money
  • --- be a little greener
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How to change
300 £'s saved on annual energy bills*
250 thousand People switch every month**
18 Number of companies in comparison
How long does it take

Compare deals in just minutes

It really is that easy, just get a quote, select a new provider and your done.

  • Who handles the switch?

    Your new energy suplier will contact your old provider and agree a switching date.

  • Will my service be interrupted

    No, there will be no interruption to your service at all.

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