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On our site you can compare duel fuel prices from a range of suppliers all in one place, saving you both time and potentially money.

Website, after website, quote after quote.. trying to find a better deal on your duel fuel energy bills can take time. A comparison site takes the hassle out of searching, the best rates from all the UK providers in one place.

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Compare Duel Fuel

Some of the perks of comparing

Why not give it a try now and see if you save on your energy bills.

  • Save money
  • Better service
  • Be greener
  • Variable tariffs
  • Fixed tariffs
  • Economy 7 rates
  • Prepay tarriffs
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What's a duel fuel tariff?

This is a pricing structure often offered by energy companies, your fuel bills would work in the normal manner of a fixed rate but you could receive a discount from using the same provider for both electricity and gas. Its also easier to manage from a customer point of view, you log into the one system and see both energy and gas together in some way.

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