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Need Electricity Prices? Its worth a try

Considering changing your electric provider? Why not test the waters with an online comparison website and see if you can save.

When checking electricity prices, its far easier to let a comparison engine do the work for you, enter some details on usage and who your current supplier is and get back the UK market in one list. Just their best rates, put in front of you. 

Make your decision and click to go, it takes just minutes to do so why not put it to the test and see if you can save?

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Need Electricity Prices?

Some of the perks of comparing

Why not give it a try now and see if you save on your energy bills.

  • Save money
  • Better service
  • Be greener
  • Variable tariffs
  • Fixed tariffs
  • Economy 7 rates
  • Prepay tarriffs
Check electric prices now +

Should you swap your electricity supplier?

Of course the choice is down to you but you've ended up on Energy for a reason. Whatever your reason for wanting to change your supplier the process is extremely simple and the companies handle most of this for you.

How easy it is to swap my electricity supplier

Once a new provider has been chosen, they will contact your old energy provider and start the process. From this point they will discuss between themselves a changeover date and when this date hits, move you onto the new provider. You won't even know the change has taken place (except for the bill of course).

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E On
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